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Hancock’s cultural scene is growing more diverse each day. On this page you’ll find a variety of cultural pursuits — from art galleries and museums to live performance venues. A great deal of our cultural activities revolve around special events, which you can discover through our Events page. Enjoy The Arts in Hancock!

Hancock Town Square

Hancock Town Square

Presenting LIVE music, dance, theatre, cultural arts and special events all summer long! Farm market every saturday Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day weekend.


The Hancock Town Square is also available to host your private special event (weddings, reunions, etc.).


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Hancock-Chehocton Historical Society

Hancock-Chehocton Historical Society

The Hancock-Chehocton Historical Society is a hidden gem of a place to visit. It houses a growing research library of local history and genealogical records as well as some fascinating memorabilia from Hancock’s past as a bustling and thriving logging and quarrying community. If you’re a history buff, or if you just love a really good story, stop in and pay them a visit. But call ahead. Hours vary with the seasons.



UncleBrother is an art gallery/restaurant located in the former DaBrescia Motors car dealership and repair shop in Hancock Village.


Enjoy an eclectic menu of art and food from the four corners of the world in this unique space designed by art dealer Gavin Brown and artist Rirkrit Tiravanija.


Open weekends Memorial Day through Labor Day.

The Camptons

the camptons

New to Hancock, The Camptons Art Studio and Gallery exhibits the paintings and artwork of proprietors/artists in residence Jim and Laura McManus along with other artists from the surrounding area.


The Camptons offers a dazzling array of colorful direct-import, vintage, and antique tribal rugs procured from the collection of Donna Endres of Istanbul and Samarkand Rug Gallery in Austin, Texas. These unbelievable pieces of useable and hanging art seem custom-made for the modern cabin and contemporary farmhouse.


The Camptons also offers handmade mercantile items such as bath products, limited edition t-shirts, prints, and a line of modern camp-style furniture.


Hours vary by season, so call ahead. Appointments available by request.

Louise Adelia Read Memorial Library

Louise Adelia Read Memorial Library

The beautiful Louise Adelia Read Memorial Library houses a historical exhibit of the famous bluestone industry in Hancock, as well as other items and papers of local historical interest.

Calder House Museum

Calder House

If you stand at the crossroads of Pennsylvania Route 191 and Pine Mill Road in Equinunk, PA and then turn to face an old white house with a green roof, you will be looking at the headquarters of the Equinunk Historical Society and the Calder House Museum. This same house was once the farmhouse of H.N. Farley’s Equinunk Manor Dairy Farm and later the Earl and Ethel Lord boarding house. There is much more information on the house contained in books and papers available at the museum.


The Calder House museum is open from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM every Wednesday and Friday afternoon from the first of May through the end or October. The museum is also open from noon until 4:00 PM Saturdays from Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day weekend and Sundays in July and August.  Call for further details.

Joel Hill Sawmill

Joel Hill Sawmill

The Joel Hill sawmill was built by William Holbert and J.D. Branning just after the Civil War and remained in operation until 1974.


The sawmill was entirely powered by water. In the winter, loggers gathered timber and piled it on the hill across the road from the pond. In the spring, employees would pull the stop blocks out and the logs would roll down the hill into the pond. There, they were cleaned off and then dragged into the mill with grabs attached to a huge rope.


Employees would raise the wooden gate in the sawmill dam and let water into the 28 inch pipe, or penstock, leading into the turbine. The turbine rotates the power take off shaft, which runs the entire mill. Originally, a water wheel was used, but it was washed away in the Pumpkin Flood of 1903. Through a series of belts and pulleys, the 54 inch saw blade is turned at 850 RPMs.


The Mill is open only on special occasions during the summer months. See our Events page, or call for hours of operation.

Music at Fish’s Eddy

Music at Fishs Eddy

Built in 1888, the Old Pioneer Church became home to the concerts of Music at Fishs Eddy 30 years ago in 1986. Its intimate setting, all-wood construction, and perfect acoustics enhance the enjoyment of early and world music for performers and listeners alike.

Deposit Historical Society

Deposit Historical Society

Housed in a beautifully restored 1800’s bank, the Deposit Historical Society Museum features one-of-a-kind exhibits — from powder horns to pianos — and plays host to special events throughout the year.


Admission is free. Check their web site for operating hours and events calendar.