Eagle & Wildlife Viewing

There are an estimated 200 eagles that call the Upper Delaware River home during the winter months. Depending on weather conditions, the eagles begin arriving in mid-December. By mid-March, many eagles begin the return flight to their breeding areas located to the north, though each year we find more and more eagles remaining year round, building their nests and raising their young in the Upper Delaware Region.

Eagle watching is abundant all along the Delaware River in Hancock. A dedicated eagle viewing platform with gazebo is located at the confluence of the East Branch of the Delaware and the Beaverkill River in East Branch, NY in the town of Hancock just off Exit 90 of Route 17/86. Head towards the river near the highway overpass and look for the parking area leading to the gazebo.

Another option for up-close-and-personal viewing is a guided river tour. Tours can be arranged through East Branch Outfitters.

And, of course, a simple country drive is always one of the best ways to chance upon an eagle in flight or at rest on a nearby treetop. Enjoy a drive along the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway (Route 97) which begins in Hancock and keep an eye out!

Please be respectful of nature and your safety. Do not feed or approach wild animals.