Bars & Taverns

Enjoy an evening playing pool or darts or watching a game on the big screen. Hancock bars and taverns are a great place to chat with the locals and to learn about the area while enjoying a few drinks.

Crosstown Tavern

6031 Hancock Highway
Starlight, PA
Phone: 570.635.5926

Crosstown Tavern is a neighborhood tradition. A local hangout where you can get great bar food and drinks for a reasonable price. The place gets packed with locals, fishermen, and summer camp personnel during the height of the season, but the owner… and the patrons… take it all in stride at this relaxed, down home country tavern.

Town House Tavern

23 East Main Street
Hancock, NY

The Town House Tavern and Restaurant is Frank Scarpinito’s Hancock version of his former Queens, NY establishment, The White Horse Tavern. He’s built a beautiful new bar and five big screen/high definition televisions so you can watch your favorite game while enjoying the “secret recipe” wings that made the original Hancock Town House famous.

Honest Eddie's

137 East Front Street
Hancock, NY
Phone: 607.637.7100

Located off the main reception area on the main floor of the Hancock House Hotel, you’ll find Honest Eddie’s bar and tap room. The bar is named in honor of baseball great John “Honest Eddie” Murphy, who was born in 1891 in Hancock just down the street from the hotel.

At Eddie’s you’ll enjoy ice cold draft beer, your favorite mixed drink, or a classic cocktail. And the bar also serves up a variety of delicious foods you can enjoy while watching your favorite sports on the giant high definition TVs. A great place to unwind at the end of the day, Honest Eddie’s promises “an honest drink at an honest price.”

Riverside Tavern

1052 Winterdale Road
Starlight, PA
Phone: 570.635.5811

The Riverside Tavern — or “Tink’s” as it’s known by the locals — is an off-the-beaten-track bar down near the river just outside of Hancock in Winterdale, PA. They don’t boast anything too fancy… just good food and good drink along with a lot of good times.

Do Drop Inn

Route 268 & Snake Creek Road
Hancock, NY

The Do Drop Inn (yes, that’s really the name) at the corner of Route 268 and Snake Creek Road (yep, that’s right) is not a place you’ll find on the map or in the phone book (ok, maybe it’s in the phone book… we’re not sure)… The point is, it’s one of those places where you have to know someone to know where it is… and you have to have an appreciation for the certain kind of, ah, “rustic charm” you’ll find there (the aged pink pickled eggs are a sight to behold). Once you’ve been to the Do Drop, you’ll either swear you’ll never go back again, or it will become your home away from home. To give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into, here’s a page that pays homage to the beauty that is Hancock’s own Do Drop Inn.