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ROAD TRIP! 6 Ways to Indulge Your Wanderlust on the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway This Fall

Some of the fondest memories from our youth involve the excitement of a spontaneous expedition to parts unknown. One of the best opportunities to create new memories this Autumn lies in the 70-mile stretch of Route 97 known as the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway. The village of Hancock, NY proudly rests at the Northern Gateway to the Byway, and this is where your adventure begins!


Check Out The Fall Foliage


There’s a reason why the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway was named the #1 Scenic Autumn Drive in the Northeast and 2nd in the entire country by USA Today. Stunning views and a rainbow of Autumn colors await you all along the Byway from beginning to end. Revel in the breathtaking vistas one moment… the next, find yourself beneath a canopy of trees with diamonds of filtered sunlight leading your way.


Enjoy The Ride


The Upper Delaware Scenic Byway offers a car- and motorcycle-friendly drive that invites you to ramble unhurriedly alongside the majestic river, through quaint towns and villages, and high above the sky at the famed Hawk’s Nest near Port Jervis. An easy trip from New York City, the Byway can be enjoyed in a day… or spend the weekend to get the full experience of this national gem.


Stop and Say “Hi!”


The hospitality you’ll encounter along the Byway is unrivaled anywhere in the country. Friendly folks await your arrival and are excited to share their stories of how they landed in the area, their knowledge of local lore, and “insider information” on the hidden hot spots to visit during your stay.


Immerse Yourself in History


From bridges and books to battlegrounds and bluestone, the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway is a history buff’s dream! Be sure to visit the Hancock-Chehocton historical society while you’re in town, then grab a drink at Honest Eddie’s and hear the story of how one native from Hancock refused to throw the game that led to the infamous Black Sox scandal. And any long-time Hancock resident can tell you, as well, about New York City’s intimate connection with the bluestone and logging industry that remain vibrant in the area to this day.


Watch for Wildlife


Eagles, deer, bear, fish, and turkey abound in the richly diverse and fragile ecosystem that shares the land surrounding the Byway. Watch for pull-offs and signs marking eagle viewing locations along the way. And remember, our wildlife is precious… and so are you! Never approach a wild animal to get a closer look.


Taste the Local Flavor


Whew! After all the excitement, you’re going to need some nourishment! Start with Ray Turner’s smoked eel and cheeses at Delaware Delicacies just outside of town, then check out the delicious home-cooked meals available at Two Sisters Emporium, Circle E Diner, Little Italy, Martin’s, and the Maple Room — all located in the heart of Hancock Village.


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  • Karen (Cole) Greco
    October 2, 2016

    I have many fond memories of Hancock. I spent my first year of teaching at Hancock Elementary School in 1980- 81. I also resided in the village at both a small studio apartment in the home of a kindergarten teacher named Ruth (her last name escapes me) and in a quaint duplex owned by the Biggs family on East Main Street. My roommates and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery amidst the river and mountains, walking and biking almost everywhere. We has great times at the Delaware Inn and Mike’s Bar. My husband and I will be renting a home on the river on Columbus Day weekend and are truly looking forward to seeing both the quaint history and changes in the charming village of Hancock.

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