Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn

Autumn is arguably the most stunning time of year in Hancock New York. All the senses are saturated with the flavors, scents, sights, sounds, and spirit of this season throughout the village and surrounding landscape of Hancock. Farm markets dot the countryside. Children ride their bikes or jump in the leaves they’ve meticulously raked into huge piles for maximum effect. The annual Harvest Festival brings families and friends together for a weekend of traditional, down home fun with contests, apple pies, pumpkins galore, food, games, a tractor parade, and local craftsmen and women selling their wares. And beyond all that, there’s the natural beauty of the blue skies, crisp air, and brilliant colored leaves on the voluminous and varied trees that grace this region.


Hancock is famous for its trees. Logging has been one of the major industries in this area (bluestone is the other) for generations. Men have fed and raised their families here through the abundance of mountainous forestlands that populate the region. Our local loggers have a deep reverence and respect for our trees, and they use sustainable forestry practices to ensure the survival of the varied species for generations to come. A wonderful and poignant example of the impact of logging in this region can be found along our Partridge Island walking trail at the Partridge Island Cemetery (more on that here).


The result of the good stewardship of our local foresters is evident in the unequaled beauty of the area at this time of year. In a good year (like this one) when the air is temperate, rainfall is average, and the winds are low, the hills explode with colors ranging from the deep green of evergreen pines and firs to vibrant reds, oranges, purples, and yellows of our maples, birch, cherry, walnut, oak, and dozens more. Lower to the ground, asters, viburnums, turtleheads, and other wildflowers dot the landscape with color as well.


A splendid way to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Autumn in Hancock is to simply get in your car and drive. The Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, which begins right here in Hancock Village at the bridge on Route 97, was recently voted the best scenic drive in the Northeast and #2 on USA Today’s “10 Best” reader’s choice for best Autumn drives in the country! Check out our Scenic Drives section for more info on this and other routes less traveled.


If you prefer footpaths to roads, we recommend the legendary “Ledges of Lordville” for the ultimate in views of the Delaware River and surrounding mountains. For more ideas, see our Hiking section.


Hancock NY offers limitless opportunities for leaf lovers of all ages. Use this site to find activities for yourself and the whole family that highlight the best Hancock has to offer for Autumn and beyond!


  • Maribeth
    October 9, 2015

    I love reading your wonderful posts and really enjoy the photos. We live on the West Branch and enjoy the beautiful views every day. We are lucky to live “in the Country”.

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